Medicine Moon

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Offering human balance 
for Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul!!!

When one balances the
Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

Health, Happiness and, Inner peace will follow.


In many stories, in many cultures through time, the rabbit has been a symbol representing fear.  This is because at the first sign of a threat or danger the rabbit bolts. To run straight and fast.

Higher Understanding

It isn’t until rabbit releases it long held belief system of running straight and fast away from danger does it achieve a higher understanding.

One day, rabbit releases it long held belief system and dashes one way, then turns another only to stop and watch the danger pass.

Rabbit has achieved a higher understanding.

The Circle of the Red Rabbit

Is made up of people who strive for a higher understanding. 


Each walks to their own path of what some call Alternative medicine.

Each person finds their own way.

The gifts are many.

Some see the colors of the soul . . .

Others use vibrations, that are invisible to the eyes,

But not the ears of the heart.

Others may journey

In what’s not there.

To see things here.

While some. . . only need to touch

Some Speak.

The list is long

The ways are many.

Choose one for you.


One of the Red Rabbits